Radiohead/Bat for Lashes/MGMT: LCC 29th June


Still tinnitused from the previous night we finished off our ‘influential British bands mini-festival but with better toilets’ with the above line-up.

The sun was shining and I was already two pints to the better when MGMT appeared. So much has been written and said about this lot (including here) that I can’t add anything really new. All I know was they were really very marvellous. A short and tight set finishing (I think) with ‘Time to Pretend’ and ‘Kids’, we didn’t get the indoor gig extended (and harshly criticised) twiddly encores – which was a shame. Still, there was enough nu-prog here to keep me happy and have me on one leg flute-miming and hoping for the appearance of the snake-women (a text to BBO London dashed any remaining hopes of this). Really good. Love ‘em.

Bat for Lashes? The effect of toilet and bar queues leaves me with little to say here. What I did hear isn’t my cup of pissy lager. Sorry.

And then the main course – t’head. Ok they were good and at times brilliant. A great set with ‘Paranoid Android’ (still the Bohemian Rhapsody of the 90s to that extent I expected them to leave the stage half way and come back wearing glittery winged ponchos), ‘Bodysnatchers’ (the best of the disappointingly whiney In Rainbows), ‘National Anthem’, ‘Idioteque’ and 3rd encore ‘Lucky’, sticking in the mind. But the event had got to me by that point.

I’m old enough to have been to many outdoor big gigs and thus I’m remarkably tolerant of audiences that aren’t really bothered with what’s going on up there, but on Sunday the general hassle of it all and swathes of nob-heads got to me. The cherry on the cake of annoyance was when we got covered by a chucked pint of shite lager. Said soaking was a moment of epiphany – no more anonymous and detached big gigs for me.

I must be/am getting old.

Radiohead – Bangers n’ Mash (Live, Avenches, Switzerland)

Radiohead – 2+2=5 (Live, Later with Jools Holland)

Radiohead – Lucky  (Acoustic, KROQ Breakfast)

MGMT – The Handshake



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  1. I’d forgotten MGMT were on here too – thought you were on about their Glasto performance. But no snake women anywhere anyway…

    Cloak rock!

  2. oh and shame about the lager soaking. At Radiohead too! Would have expected a lukewarm fruit tea…

  3. Or perhaps Pimms? Good job I wasn’t wearing a cloak: they’re a bugger to dry-clean….

  4. A shiny metallic cape would be more practical, like a Wakeman-esque bacofoil number

  5. One of MGMT seemed to be wearing a rainbow coloured cloak-cum-poncho (I say ‘seemed’ as I was a good 500 yards away from the stage at the time). I sincerely hope it was washed for the event and wasn’t soiled by the crowd.

  6. awesome, much appreciated. super legit!

  7. i still have several emegency blanket thingummies; might i suggest fashioning one into a cape that would be shiny and wipe cleanable? it will probably win the best use of trip tat prize too, although thats because noone has been bothered to enter

  8. Next cloak rock gig I go to I will don said emergency blanket. Top tip Morag!

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