Sweet Billy Pilgrim: gah!

I’ve obviously picked the worst two possible weeks to go away… not only am I missing Micah P. Hinson but now Sweet Billy Pilgrim too. I have never seen SBP as they are rather shy, infrequent performers, and this is very galling because I love their 2005 album We Just Did What Happened And No One Came. Anyway they’re playing at the Royal Opera House (!) in London on the 18th of July and if you like what might just be described as imaginative, beautifully produced folktronica then you should go. To tempt you, here’s a fantastic track that wasn’t on that album, and another one that was.

Tickets here. Let me know how good it was. Sigh…

Forget to Breathe – Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Experience – Sweet Billy Pilgrim – We Just Did What Happened And No One Came

Download the Brughada EP free from Spoilt Victorian Child Records

Official site and myspace

Buy ‘We Just Did…’



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  1. Hey, thanks for these SBP links. I have been thinking of buying their Mercury nominated album. Cheers – listening to forget to breathe. Its beautiful

  2. glad you’re enjoying it – and i can highly recommend the second album.

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