Adem: Takes

I love cover versions, even bad ones. I’m particularly fond of good covers of terrible songs, because I then forget all about the original. An exorcism, of sorts (anything by Phil Collins, for example). This is a collection of great songs, even if I don’t know all of the originals. Because while I know most of the artists, the songs themselves are not always what you might call ‘standards’. After two great records of smart but simple folk with all the tweaks (bike locks and all) that you’d expect from a mate of Keiran ‘Four Tet’ Hebden, Adem has decided to record some of his favourite songs by artists like PJ Harvey, Bjork, dEUS and others. It’s winning stuff, to the point where I was really finding it hard to choose two to post. The whole thing is delightful.

While Adem’s voice can easily cope with a bigger sound, it really suits a more intimate, homely feel. The two tracks I have chosen show this off nicely, as well as the care that’s gone into this album. The first is actually two Aphex Twin tracks run together, starting small and working into something grander; the second is a completely charming cover of a Breeders’ song from Last Splash. And there’s something else there for the waverers. Me? I’m completely sold.

To Cure A Weakling Child (Boy Girl Song) – Adem – Takes

Invisible Man – Adem – Takes

These Lights Are Meaningful – Adem – Love And Other Planets

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