D.R.O.N.E.N’.R.O.L.L. with me


Round these parts, I think it safe to say, the descriptor ‘Shoegazing’ is something of a profanity associated with the Home Counties, private education and inability to see beyond unconditioned fringes. So it’s surprising that there are quite a few current bands out there using the tag uncritically – a nu-scene that celebrates itself? Tsk. You live and learn.

Yet this stuff engorges my love of repetition. There’s something securing and comforting to find a groove, stick with it and then add some decoration and deviation as one sees fit (and I’m thinking beyond music here as well).  So since I rediscovered my love of Loop via this here blog I’ve been hunting down bands that are quite happy to hammer one note for upwards of ten minutes and layer eddying psychedelic effects on top in what amounts to an extended Krauty-jam. Here are two of them.

First up, Glaswegians Ursula Minor where it seems bass, synth or ear mincing guitar vie to take on the drone, with what’s left doing the deviating. Laudanum is their debut EP and is very promising.

Second, are The Black Angels, from Austin, Texas (what do they put in the water over there?), whose second album Directions to see a Ghost has a cover designed to give you one of those niggly headaches that you ignore until you give in to the Nurofen (it’s also embossed for extra pleasure). With vocals that more than hint at Nico this is great psychedelic dronage. I turned down the offer of seeing them in Manc recently despite high recommendations from a mate. When will I learn to take more of a punt on gigs?

Sod Shoegazing – I much prefer drone n’ roll (not one of mine). In fact, let’s go with Mr Cope:

S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K. with me.

Ursula Minor – Sick Fuzz

The Black Angels – Doves

Drift your way here to purchase



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  1. Engorge! Great stuff. I’m not sure why I hated sg as a scene – I think it was the championing of Lamacq, at the expense of bands I really liked. This is much more skronky.

  2. Agreed. Wouldn’t have used the term but Ursula Minor have it as a description on their myfacespacebook site http://www.myspace.com/ursulaminor.

    More skronky indeed!

  3. Hang on – Slowdive were from Oxford, weren’t they? So Oxfordshire must ipso blimmin facto be a home county. Gotcha!

  4. they were from Reading according to Wiki (*holds back footy persona*).

    Ha! I escape your grasp…

    If you’d said R*de then….well, actually, do they count as SG? Certainly did some spawning….

  5. Drat. Another time…

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