Robbed! Sébastien Tellier at Eurovision

I’ve never cared about Eurovision before but this is ridiculous. The British are still moaning about ‘political’ voting, even though the song was rubbish. And all this guff about neighbours voting for each other seems a tiny bit simplistic – someone should tell Terry Wogan that there are good reasons that we use the word ‘Balkanisation’ to describe fractious fragmentation. Anyway the winner was the usual nonsense.

But the French nominated a proper pop star with a proper song and no one votes for that either. Sébastien Tellier comes on stage in a golf buggy and gives a cracking performance of ‘Divine’, backed by a chorus of lookalikes (including bearded women). It’s a lovely summery electronic pop song with great vocals – reminding me a little of Jarvis, or maybe that’s the loucheness. I then buy the album, the first and probably last time I will ever do that after watching Eurovision. And it’s great. Anyway, the performance is worth a look if you missed it, and the song is below.

Divine‘ – Sébastien Tellier – Sexuality




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  1. i voted for it!

  2. It’s just funny that this Jean Michel Jarre/Air wannabe rip off got voted for by about 4 countries. When people with “indie cred” or “metul cred” (see Lordi) enter Eurovision, it’s great to see them get pounded down by absolute nobodies.

  3. Your spelling is pretty good for a student, Boner, and your argument is watertight. Oh hang on, no it isn’t. But I suspect you’re no longer here so I won’t bother arguing with you. Thanks for popping bye!

  4. I voted for it too! From the Netherlands, which proceeded ignoring my priceless vote and giving points to… who cares who, not France anyway. 😦

  5. Missed it. Wouldn’t have done either after the Irish turkey (or whatever it was) got voted out.

  6. wrote the above before listening to the song – it’s a corker. Anything with bearded women has my vote.

  7. I absolutely love this song, but I’m not sure what Eurovision is.

  8. Well, Brad, it’s a TV talent competition that’s been running for over 50 years across much of Europe… and it’s famous for a) cheesy pop, b) novelty records (often with nonsensical lyrics), and c) political chicanery. There’s now a popular vote and it doesn’t go on forever like it used to, but it’s still the same old Eurovision. It gave us ABBA, too. And ‘My Lovely Horse’.

  9. Arguably, the british song wasn’t a ‘bad’ song, just it wasn’t all that interesting, did not appeal to the ‘cheesy pop’ aesthetic and he was wearing a really weird outfit. And he was black, which meant none of eastern europe was going to vote for him.

    Tellier, however, was Eurovision gold and should have won.

  10. Tom – you’re right, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very exciting/silly/memorable. Of course what he *really* needed was an i c e s k a t e r. Nice blog by the way

  11. I have to say I didn’t think the British song was bad, it wasn’t great, but certainly not the worst song that night (hello…Portugal? Albania?).
    The regional voting thing was definitely in action though – why else would Georgia vote for Russia in ANYTHING right now? I don’t think it’s nefarious though, I think they just like the same kinds of pop music. I thought the French submission wasn’t great though – if I wanted quirky/catchy I’d rather have Bosnia’s choice anyday!

  12. I’m pleased to see a geopolitician thinks there is a cultural explanation beyond realpolitik. I’ve forgotten the Bosnian one… [googles] oh yes, that was alright. But it came TENTH.

  13. I’m with you on this whole ‘political voting’ thing being a bit of hogwash. Am I to believe that Serbia is so powerful that’s why they won last time? Or Finland the time before? It’s just an excuse for losing besides ‘our song was not what the people wanted’. Next time Britain should put in a bollywood number. I’d be interested to see if the eurovision crowd go for that. Sebastien was certainly the favorite among my friends. C’est la vie! Thanks for posting the song!

  14. Good grief, this is going to run and run. Yes to a Bollywood number, or in fact anything that takes itself EXACTLY as seriously as it deserves to be taken. No more no less. Which is why Monsieur T was having the most fun. Nice blog mzamar, btw!

  15. Thanx – yours too! Glad I found you!

  16. Agreed. If there was any justice, Tellier should have won it for France. It was the best Eurovison song for years, and I may well go out and buy his album now. Like you said, I’ve never done that before after Eurovision.

    Wogan needs to give way to the younger generation, and we need a decent entry for the UK, so that we can actually complain about the voting. As it stands, the UK deserved to come last this year, with a guy representing us who FAILED to win a talent show a few years back.

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