The ‘Where are they now?’ pile 2: The Action Heroes

I used to live in Exeter, and one of the jewels in that city’s crown is the Cavern, where you could guarantee seeing some punky upstarts play most nights of the week. I saw the Action Heroes with Friend-of-BBO Baz at the Cavern several times and we were gutted when they packed it in to go to college (they were disgustingly young and talented). However Baz tracked down a 7 track CD of their poppy, funny thrash and it became a firm favourite. Figuring that they had never been heard of again I was idly checking wikipedia and found that some of them had apparently turned into parpy indie-ska-whatever band the Rumble Strips. How strange. Maybe it’s not true, maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. But how many bands of this name can there be from Tavistock? The singer I remember looked a bit like Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead.

Anyway, enjoy their chirpy take on rural punk (“c’mon c’mon what’s the countryside for/living it up in the middle of dartmoor”).

Country Boy – Action Heroes

Rebel at the Weekend – Action Heroes

Captain Dolphin © Ralph Kidson


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  1. Aha – so Matt, the drummer, has been in touch to confirm that the Action Heroes did in fact become the Rumble Strips. Good for them. And the Action Heroes CD is available to listen at

    Our first Where Are They Now? to get an answer!

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