“Oh God! Oh Jesus Christ!”


Maybe this is a bit parochial (and non-musical) but all the signs suggest that the largest share of Londoners who actually voted for their mayor did so for an upper class homophobic racist. Apart from making the must-be-soon celebration of Thatcher’s death in Trafalgar Square much more interesting than it would have been under Ken’s genial stewardship, and the prospect of Chavez invading to get his oil back, I see no positive news here. Still, it’s all about the music, so here we are:

Kill The Poor‘ – Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Machine Gun‘ – Portishead – Third

Class War‘ – Mission of Burma – Four Hands EP

JKneale – in the wicker man


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BothBarsOn's London correspondent.

Posted on May 2, 2008, in Rant and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. homphobic racist posh fop, in, anti semitic smug arse, out, i fail to see any cause for joy or derision,

  2. yes indeed.

    6pm Trafalgar Square, right? I shall be there.

  3. A.J – really don’t believe the anti-semitic thing, never have, surprised you do. Smug? I like a little self-confidence in my leaders, particularly the kind you don’t get from Eton and Oxford. Did you vote? A vote for anyone but Ken was a vote for Boris…

  4. Thank God the conservatives won! You may not prefer the person, but the policies are correct and wiser. The liberal whanks are louder, but thankfully more people seem to understand conservative policies are the way to go.

  5. Maria, I don’t know if you’re a Londoner but you seem to have a very vague grasp of the situation. It would be difficult for the liberal ‘whanks’, whatever they are, to be any quieter since the city’s papers, free and paid for, were all pro-Boris. As are almost all of the national papers. And the TV isn’t any better. As for more people understanding conservative policies, Boris didn’t actually have any, apart from being down on crime and immigration. Let’s face it, the suburbs voted for cars and against immigration and fewer subsidies for the poor. A classic case of those who don’t need the help turning out in force to ask for more of it while those who do need it didn’t vote. And Maria – please don’t call me a liberal again, that’s really insulting where I come from. Ta

  6. Being the Northern half of BBO I’m not sure I’m qualified to get involved on this one. I did live in London for 3.5 years back in the early 1990s and it was a shit-hole – a strangely wonderful shit-hole, but a shit-hole all the same. On my post-Ken visits it’s a much, much better place. Ok, this is a cursory assessment based on the tube system and the lack of traffic and says nothing of the rampant inequality still present there, but it’s something. All I see now is a London turned to ruin and the poor shat on further by that fucking idiot BJ.

    Best of luck.

    Oh and what’s a ‘whank’?

  7. Haven’t lived in London for a while but can’t believe Boris won…good heavens the world is turning TORY! Time for a poll tax riot!!

    Portishead Third Review 0n my UK Music Blog

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