Lowgold: Promise Lands


As promised (ha), my review of Lowgold’s third proper album, Promise Lands. I’m not sure that I expected there to be another album, after all the missiles fate has thrown at Lowgold, but here it is.

While some gloomy music – like Micah P. Hinson – makes you reach for the bourbon, Lowgold have always struck me as the kind of miserablists who are best listened to on a rainy day with a big mug of tea. Which is how I’m listening to them right now. The twin dangers Lowgold have faced on this and former outings are 1) sounding too nice (C*ldplay-fashion) and 2) being too dirge-y, risking reaching the trudging pace of the execrable Snow Patrol. I think they’ve largely avoided the first problem (though in a way I’d rather see them become successful) and they’re too smart to do the latter. Anyway, what I was initially drawn to after seeing them at the Louisiana in Bristol years ago was the line in big, Teenage Fanclub-style heartwrenchers.

And while Promise Lands initially sounds like more of the same, I’m not that sure that’s a problem or even that it’s exactly true. ‘Nothing Stays the Same’ has more pace than usual, ‘Dead Sea’ spits with busy guitars. But it’s the gloom that I’m here for, and I’m more than happy with it. Keep Music Miserable, long live Lowgold!

Clear‘ – Lowgold – Promise Lands

Farmer’s Tale‘ – Lowgold – Promise Lands

Buy from the band’s site or any good record store…

Image from the official website, ©Jon Bergman


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