Blanche: Little Amber Bottles



JKneale is in the US so I thought I’d write about a band from across the pond. Actually that’s a lie as I’ve been meaning to write about Little Amber Bottles by Blanche for some time. So not something new (it came out last year), but another blog about an outfit beginning with B…curious.

I’m no expert on alt-country or nu-bluegrass (if such a term exists), but I do dip my toe therein with Mr Cash, the Bad Seeds (certainly earlier on) and the odd compilation. Thus I can’t say much about Blanche other than this album is excellent.

What I take to be the obvious themes of country are all present – despair, loss, longing, redemption, faith and hope – all wrapped up in melodies that go from the uplifiting to the melancholic, and delivered in the boy/girl combination style (married couple Tracee Mae and Dan John Miller) that made Sons and Daughters so good until they tried to be more ‘appealing’ on their last and ultimately disappointing album This Gift.  

So where the Glaswegians S&D fail, these folk from Detroit triumph. This is none more evident than on the awesome ‘What this town needs’: a proselytising bombastic foot stomper that’s had me testifying, arms aloft, more than once. In fact, I’d go as far as stating that if it doesn’t do the same for you then there’s something wrong (and please seek help immediately).

What this town needs

A year from now

The world I used to be afraid of

Save yourself and buy it here



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