A new Lowgold album? When did that happen?!

Blimey – I get an email saying Lowgold have got a new album out and that I’ve missed their London gig. What?! I knew they were trying to finish the third (proper) album but I must have missed something somewhere.

I will review the new one, Promise Lands, when I get hold of it, but for now here’s a taster from the unluckiest band in the world. They put out two albums while dodging the collapse of Nude and the neglect of Sanctuary, garnered praise, even toured with C*ldplay (poor buggers), and collected everything else they’d ever done on the magnificently-titled double Keep Music Miserable before giving up. Then one of their managers died; they reformed for the funeral and now they have a new record out.

That’s the Lowgold story in a nutshell. Plucky triers. Underdogs. And handy with a tune, too, as you can tell from these: the ‘hit’, the supremely mournful start to Winners, and a gloriously ragged cry for not putting up with all this bollocks.

Beauty Dies Young‘ – from Just Backward of Square

We Don’t Have Much Time‘ – from Welcome to Winners

I’d Rather Fuck Up Than Miss Out‘ – from Keep Music Miserable

Homepage here. Go and buy ’em – you could get Winners for £3 in Fopp a while back and they’re all available on iTunes.



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