Darn those buttons


I imagine I’m not alone in having my eye drawn to any band that has ‘Fuck’ in their name. So when Fuck Buttons‘ Street Horrrsing came across my radar I had to have a listen. They might not be fans, but once turned up loud (it needs to be) my buttons were pushed as follows:

1) Big slabs of delightful dronage where analogue synths and fuzzed guitars merge? Button pushed.

2) Heavy tribal drums? Button pushed

3) Distorted vocals delivered as practically incomprehensible rants with requisite screaming? Button pushed.

4) Psychedelic and potentially occult ciphers on cover art? Button pushed.

5) Difficultly in placing output due to genre mashing? Button very much pushed.

(Ok, number 3 isn’t normally a button that I find needs attention, but it did here)

It’s difficult to split this album up as it needs to be listened to in its entirety, but I’m loving the following (long/big) tracks:

Sweet Love for Planet Earth

Bright Tomorrow



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  1. Marvellous. I was going to post on Holy Fuck’s CD, though it’s been out a while now – maybe we could have a theme week?

  2. I’ve heard a bit of the Holy Fuck CD but not enough. Yes to a theme week! What about one with bands that have fruit in their name. The Lemonheads? Ummm….can’t think of any else at this precise moment…Melt Banana?

  3. ok… though you’ve probably heard the bits i’ll post.

    actually fruit is a goer – particularly apples. yes?

  4. By that I assume you mean Silver Apples, which, through e-stalkery I notice you’ve been listening to and was hoping you’d blog on – wanna know wot their like and that.

  5. ok… though might not be toot sweet. obviously

  6. This is a great record. It’s really annoying my neighbours. Thanks for the tip!

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