One year on…Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls (Roadhouse 9/3/08)


It’s nearly our first birthday here at BBO. One of my first (ish) blogging ventures was a Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls review  and here I am again writing on the duo after seeing them at the Roadhouse on Sunday.

Miles might not have been in such a jovial mood as a year ago at the Night and Day – a more limited flow of alcohol might have had something to do with it – but we still got a corking set that highlighted his solo and TWS back catalogue to perfection. We also were give a fine rant against Bono (much agreement here) and how he was urged to see a young band a few years back that his record company mates were touting big time: he thought they were dire and predicted little fortune for them. The band? Someone called Coldpl*y.

As we sat at tables round the stage (it felt like a private gig at times, all very middle aged), I was reminded that the phrase ‘singer-songwriter’ can be repatriated and doesn’t have to be associated with the current rash of such performers and their poisonous sap. I was also reminded of what a great album Hairy on the Inside is: a perfect concoction of biliousness and subtle tenderness (with only a few tracks that pass me by).

Oh and I met him again, which was nice. No hair discussions this time, but he was confident that the 20th anniversary gigs for The Eight Legged Grove Machine would come to this here city. The thought of that played in its entirety, considering it’s easily one of my top five albums of all time (I’m a bloke, I like lists), makes me somewhat delirious.

So, from Hairy, both played on Sunday:

Mama from Heaven

Amongst the Old Reliables

And a Miles anecdote from his Interloper (live solo) album:

Blah One





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  1. My goodness, a year… happy birthday BBO?

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