Yea! Yeasayer at the ICA

They’re not easy to describe, this lot. Last year’s All Hours Cymbals, is a marvelous mixture of the familiar and the unpredictable. Folk, a bit of prog… but with a touch of Talking Heads amongst the world rhythms and electronics. Live, in the tiny ICA theatre, they’re equally not-entirely-what-you-were-expecting… while a couple of them looked like they might have a Grateful Dead album in their collection and were still mourning the passing of Gary Gygax on tuesday, they were still lively, smart, and exciting to watch. Maybe the sound was a little patchy, maybe some of the more delicate songs are hard to recreate live, but on the whole this was thrilling stuff. And every now and again I felt that I was seeing something really, really special, particularly when the harmonies soared, unaccompanied, absolutely perfect. I wish I was going again on monday.

Sunrise – Yeasayer

2080 – Yeasayer

Red Cave – Yeasayer

Photo by Siobhan


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  1. Yea, to the blog, but still not 100% Yea to Yeasayer yet for me – I’m sure time will tell though and you’ll be right.

  2. thought you might like this – in places they’re like a wholemeal Battles

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