If you tolerate this then Mika will be next?


It’s a very, very rare moment these days when something played on XFM makes me stop and listen. But there I was in the bathroom with the radio on (more detail than that would be impolite) when I thought ‘I recognise that voice…hmmm, those guitars sound familiar’ and then ‘don’t I know that song from somewhere else?’ The fact that it was a cover of one of the biggest pop singles of last year (winning all sorts of awards and selling truck-loads) and I only sort of recognised it says something about how close my finger is to the pop-pulse.

And then the DJ announced the band behind the cover version. With a bit more research – 3 minutes of Googling – I discover they are being awarded the ‘god-like-genius’ award at this year’s NME awards. This meant I had to, for the first time in many years, buy said mag in order to get the track (free CD of covers), despite being a Sounds/Melody Maker boy in my yoof. But giving such an award is a very astute decision on the part of heavily-drawing-on-Silk-Cut journos at NME towers: so here’s the Manics covering Rihanna’s Umbrella.

Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella (Rihanna cover)

Without consultation, I’d like to venture a blimmin’ marvellous.



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  1. Marvellous – give them an award… they always had an ear for a great cover.

  2. Whilst MSP are genreally shite. This is brilliant.

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