Where Is Horrors Band?

If you missed last week’s episode of The Mighty Boosh, it featured Vince’s Indie Celebrity Radar, which he was using to find members of indie/ nu rave bands in Shoreditch for excited indie kids (for a fee, obviously). At one point I think he was trying to find the guitarist from the Horrors… and I wondered if he’d googled BothBarsOn in the process. Because after Bon’s post on the Horrors we’ve been getting a huge slew of hits from people looking for them. They must be busy…

I’m afraid we don’t have anything new for you and can’t tell you where Joshua Von Grimm is right now (let alone Pete Neon). I just wanted to say thanks for googling.


About jkneale

BothBarsOn's London correspondent.

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  1. A big thank you from me as well.

    Stop and have a look round while you’re here…we like to think we’re friendly.

    unfortunately the cafe is now closed…..

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