I am the locust god


Forgive and flame me if this is beyond BBO’s mission statement and if I’m straying into Grumbleweeds territory, but…

One of my earliest musical comedy moments (and one I still find myself grinning stupidly at when repeated) was Les Dawson playing the piano just one key out. I’ve been told many times (by those that know about such things) that this is an incredibly hard thing to do and for that reason it has my further admiration.

So I’m not saying that Bill Bailey is the 21st Century Dawson, but his brand of musical comedy (and the surreal musings that fill the gaps between the notes) produces both laughs and envy.

Tonight at the cavernous M.E.N. arena we get Immanuel Kant’s ‘categorical imperative’ to the Match of the Day theme tune, an EMO ditty entitled ‘Blood on your panini’, a jazz version of ‘The Imperial March’ and the always brilliant ‘Love Song’. However, I saved my biggest cheer for his quip, ‘God, jazz is shit’.


He also managed to ruin the Killer’s ‘All these things that I’ve done’ by changing the breakdown chant of “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier” to “I’ve got ham but I’m not a hamster”. Actually, rather that ruin he’s probably enhanced it.

And on the tram home, the guy next to me was reading a programme to something called ‘The Imagined Village’ : apparently a broad collective of folksy types, including Billy Bragg. All I could think about was what would populate Bill Bailey’s imagined village…well there would be badgers, but beyond that I dare not think

Some Mr Bailey:

Love Song (edit)

Philip Glass plays Pop Goes The Weasel

Insect Nation

Das Hokey-Kokey (Radio Edit)

Das Hokey-Kokey (Vocoder Mix)



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  1. I think this fits… nice work. I’m envious, haven’t seen him for a couple of years. Did he do ‘Unisex Chipshop’? See Bailey and Bragg sing it at Glastonbury: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1lnWNg3Pax8

  2. Glad it sort of fits.

    That link don’t work – btw. And there was me sving it for late Friday afternoon time-wasting….

    this should be it:

  3. malformed video id. urr

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