From the ‘Where are they now?’ pile: 1

First in an occasional series inspired the indie curators of sites like Little Hits, Jamie’s Runout Groove, or Because Midway Still Aren’t Coming Back, which put crackly vinyl up for us all to hear (I particularly like the fact that Because… doesn’t always seem sure why it’s worth preserving f-list indie from c.1992. It’s obviously a calling and a sacred duty). I open the series with a few bits of vinyl from 1990-1994… if they have anything in common it’s that they’re by bands led by women, and not in a Sleeper kind of way either.

We start with the most famous band of the three: The Breeders, Kim Deal’s post-Pixies outfit which incorporated Tanya Donelly, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and others at various on-off moments. Probably best-known for 1993’s Last Splash and the indie disco classic ‘Cannonball’, there was lots more off-kilter fun to be had along the way, like this Guided By Voices cover from the Heel and Toe 10″ EP. Cracking stuff.

Shocker in Gloomtown‘ – The Breeders – Heel And Toe

Next, Silverfish of the ‘Camden Lurch’ mini-scene (look, there was a bit of a lull as far as media bandwagons went before Britpop came along, alright?). ‘Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal’ appeared on Organ Fan and the chorus launched a thousand festival t-shirts. Maybe I’ll dig out Cockeye and put ‘On the Motorway’ up in due time.

Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal‘ – Silverfish – Organ Fan

Finally and most obscurely, one of the girliest things I own – the Voodoo Queens‘ ‘Kenuwee Head’ single, which is pink vinyl in a pink sleeve. Buying it probably gave me lifetime membership of the Twee Army. I just wonder what they think of Keanu now…

Kenuwee Head‘ – Voodoo Queens

Not sure if any of this is still for sale but there are places you could look. What next? Felt? World Domination Enterprises? To be continued…



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  1. Fantastic stuff, especially Silverfish. I can definitely contribute to this once I start digitising the vinly….just you wait!

    But please god no Felt – I’m having flashbacks to when I saw them supported by t’Gosh…oh god, I’ve give you another one now.

  2. Well that’s a definite for Felt then…

  3. Crikey mighty this Silverfish is taking me back…more please!

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