“We learned punk rock in Hollywood/drove up from Pedro/we were fucking corndogs/we’d go drink and pogo.”

I’ve been listening to the Minutemen song ‘History Lesson – Part II’ for god knows how many years and I’ve never been sure what a corndog was. So when I found that my friend Matthew was heading off to California I thought I’d ask him to find out. He must have had a lot of time on this hands, because he did and he’s written it up here, with some fantastic photos (that’s one of his up there). Looks pretty grim to me, but then again I don’t want to think about some of the pork products I’ve eaten in my time…

Anyway, it’s an excuse to post the song that started this little diversion… the history of Minutemen, their influences and ideals, their heroes and their friends. ‘This band could be your life’ – as potent as ‘Now go out and form a band’. Now I just have to get to San Pedro.

History Lesson – Part IIMinutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime



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