Super Furry Animals, Roundhouse

You don’t know what to expect with a band like Super Furry Animals. OK, they had a record out this summer (Hey Venus) and they did play most of it tonight, but where else will they go for the rest of the set? There are seven other studio albums to draw on, after all. There was room for a few of my personal favourites. The first, ‘Zoom!’ from Love Kraft, works brilliantly live because of the choir and soaring strings towards the end – gets me, and a substantial portion of the audience, every time. The other, ‘Down A Different River’ from the classic Radiator, was just a really nice surprise – I’ve not heard it live before. Maybe I’ll get to hear ‘Mountain People’ at some point too.

Gruff and co were looking just as relaxed as they were at Glastonbury, and I was struck again by their resemblances to other stars: Gruff looking like a young Wayne Coyne, and Guto has a touch of the Henry Winklers about him. Bunf’s luxurious hair would be the envy of Kris Kristofferson but is more likely to be a Wilson tribute. Rather lazily I can only suggest that Cian and Daf look like the Hartnoll brothers. Comes to us all I suppose.

Here are the two tracks above, plus ‘Run-Away’, the stand-out track from tonight’s run-through of Hey Venus, with its great opening line, smart lyrics and abundant pop hooks… and ‘Slow Life’ just to remind you what a great record Phantom Planet is. Though that still leaves four great albums we haven’t gone back to – thank goodness for the Furries.

Zoom!‘ – Love Kraft

Down A Different River‘ – Radiator

Run-Away‘ – Hey Venus

Slow Life‘ – Phantom Planet


JKneale – photo Siobhan


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