Super Heavy Cosmic DOOOM Rayve


A plug for something that came across my radar from a number of directions. Anything that decribes itself as a ‘Super Heavy Cosmic DOOOM Rayve’ deserves my attention (whether I can go or not is another matter). All I really know about it is what you see above, organised by something/some people/some night called Mushrumps it’s at Urbis on the 10th of November. Years ago, when I held my finger tight to the pulse of the weird and the underground (who am I kidding, I like to think I did, but probably didn’t) I would have know what Mushrumps is or are. But I don’t, sorry.

What I do know is that Acid Mothers Temple are playing of whom I own one CD. I also know that they are Japanese, they wear cloaks (something we like at both bars), they wig out in a space-rock avant-garde Hawkwind style and the have sleeve notes that say things like [sic throughout]:

“What you are going to experience is ass kickin’ bud whippin’ for out drop dead cool music from an other solar system when the acient gods still ruled the earth”

I rest my case.

My one album has one track on it which is 53 mins long, so difficult to up/download. Instead here’s a shorter one, only 17.28 mins and an excerpt:

Pink Lady Lemonade – Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O

Crystal Rainbow Pyramid (Excerpt) – Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

Buy some Acid Mothers here 



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  1. Is that Cthulhu on the poster? Fantastic. We should do a post on Cloak-Rock, right?

  2. Shame on me..I didn’t notice that. Saw a cosmic octopus and didn’t make the link.

    Cloak rock, yes. Have we just invented a new genre? When is nu-cloak rock going to happen?

  3. That’s not intentionally supposed to be Cthulu on the poster, you were right angrybonbon – he’s just a friendly cosmic octopus!

    Cloak Rock rules!!

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