Happy Hop-tu-Naa…

Maybe it’s a bit obvious to do a Halloween post but I think Hop-tu-naa is different. Imagine you’re up on Meayll Hill tomorrow, near the ruins of the chambered cairn – about here. SC1895067650. It’s getting dark and it’s been raining all day. Now listen to these pieces of music.

The first is by Bronnt Industries Kapital (who have produced a soundtrack for the film Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages, out soon on DVD) and is really quite unpleasant. The second and third are by The Phantom Carriage; not only are they just as upsetting, but I think they can claim an affinity of sorts with Meayll Hill… which somehow makes the whole thing much worse.

Keep those turnip lanterns burning…

Maggots In The Rice – from Bronnt Industries Kapital’s Virtute Et Industria – buy here

Gorse Fire and Three Wishes – from The Phantom Carriage’s Skull Exposed To March Rain. Download the whole of this album for free from SVC records. Highly recommended.



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  1. The reason I’ve delayed my comment is that I’ve been too scared to. And still am.

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