Filmed inside a derelict herring oil tank in the far West Fjords

Old news for many but worth revelling in: Sigur Ros’ forthcoming film. Trailer here. Very beautiful.

Only a bit of it is in the oil tank, I think. Imagine. Anyway, it’s out and about.



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  1. I don’t think beautiful covers it…stunning!

    Saw this lot early on at the Contact Theatre supporting Labradford. Didn’t know anything about them really at the time. All I can remember is being totally and utterly blown away by them.

  2. Heima (the film! ’cause their is a film!) played at the AFI in Los Angeles this weekend. Awesome experience and a great crowd!! Too bad I missed their concert. Whoever digs Sigur Ros should get it. It’s a great complement to the documentary “Screaming Masterpiece” (w/Bjork, Sigur Ros, Mum…) that came out earlier this year and gives a broad overview of the Icelandic music scene. Go Iceland!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing it Brian and cheers for the comment. I think it’s imperative I go to Iceland in the near future.

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