Frank Black follow-up

A quick post to share some newly freed-up iTunes FB material.

When I saw Frank Black with his new band this summer it reminded me a little of seeing the Fall on a recent purple patch – the young garage band led by a snarling frontman (FB’s new band actually includes an ex-Fall bassist). It was the last gig of the tour and Frank seemed pissed, in both the UK and US senses of the term. So there was an acoustic bit, which fell apart halfway through ‘Velouria’ (shame). Band then comes on. Cue lots of shouting and sweating from the small man in black, as well as yelling at the band in the very brief interludes between songs – usually just the name of the next one, barked several times, and exhortations to play faster. Fantastic. He even made ‘Rockafeller Skank’ sound good, mainly because he was in the drumkit while he ‘sang’ it, bashing the cymbals with his mike.

Not sure there’s much out there that captures this side of him – I’d love to hear a recording of that gig – but here are a few live tracks to give you an idea. Two covers and a recent cracker about the ‘French Transylvania’. Some screaming included.

Six Sixty Six – Frank Black – Christmass

Re-make Re-model – Frank Black – iTunes session

Massif Central – Frank Black – iTunes session

Buy Christmass – or iTunes



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