A dedication to you, Rudi


This is a short dedication to all those bands out there, up and down the country, banging out covers in local pubs. It’s dedicated to all those bands who entertain weddings/engagements/christenings/bar mitzvahs. It’s dedicated to those bands that have to stare at an empty dance-floor the first half of their set before the champagne/cherry alcopops/sherry kicks the audience to life. It’s to all those bands that have to wrestle pissed-up wannabe karaoke stars off the stage when they grab the mic. It’s to all those bands that live on volauvents, chicken legs and dips most Friday/Saturday nights because they’ve not had time to eat properly after leaving the 9 to 5 and going straight to the gig. It’s to all those bands who play cover versions so tight, tried and tested that you’re up there shaking various body parts after the first few bars. It’s too all those bands who have to lug their own PAs and amplifiers and instruments and drum kits over sticky dance-floors avoiding kids sliding on their knees and false teeth that popped out during a particularly energetic frug to ‘Hawaii Five-O’. It’s to all those bands that once tried to ‘make-it’ but settled for the charitable work of entertainment without pretence, announcing ‘last orders’…and a nice little earner.


It’s to bands like Oxford’s The Inflatables – who’ve been belting out bloody brilliant ska, reggae and soul covers since 1980 and given thousands a bloody good night out.

I salute you

The Inflatables – Hawaii Five-O

The Inflatables – Rudi, A Message to You

The Inflatables – Special Brew



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  1. Hear hear. There was that particularly good AC-DC covers band at Ashton Court – rock with a capital R and a west country accent.

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