This is a bright but haunted age: new British Sea Power EP

In an attempt to post more frequently, here’s a brief plug for the new British Sea Power EP, titled: Krankenhaus? Yes, with the question mark. It includes the fantastic ‘Atom’, which you can download for nowt from the band site (and seeing as this is is Radiohead day – yawn) and four other tracks for a great big nearly 25 minutes of stuff. Including ‘The Pelican’ which I think we heard at Fandango and which goes on for nine minutes. Bells, guitars, shouting, nonsense, off-putting found sounds. It has ‘live favourite’ written through it like a stick of rock and it should be the penultimate track on the next album. It’s not going to be, apparently, so I look forward to hearing whatever is the next ‘Lately’ or ‘Land Beyond’. On a promise!

Available now from your favourite online record grocer. Buy it and strike a blow for independent labels whose bands don’t play to stadiums full of dimwits (and therefore can give whole albums away for nothing).


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  1. Ignoring certain parts of that review, but look forward to hearing the new BSP.

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