British Sea Power play new songs at Fistful of Fandango

Fistful of Fandango is a mini-festival organised by club night and label Fandango, and last night’s headliners were British Sea Power, who are playing a string of small venues as well as festivals to air songs from their forthcoming third album. The venue is a bit odd but the sound was pretty ear-shredding and it’s a treat to see BSP closeup. The front three were slightly more conservatively dressed than they can be, wearing what looked like uniforms for a Futurist tennis team, and there were no wicker deer or stuffed animals in evidence amongst the flags on stage, but it was still an evening for singing the phrase ‘brilliantine mortality’, admiring Noble’s flying helmet, and stumbling over shrubbery abandoned by the hardcore fans. I think they played some new material, as this is what the website says these gigs are all about, but given the reaction of the faithful they might well have been really obscure B-sides for all I know. Whatever, it all sounded great, and ‘True Adventures’ was especially magical. No ‘Lately’ but you can’t have everything.

Roll on the new EP in October and the album by the end of the year (?). For now, a reminder of the first and second albums:

True Adventures – British Sea Power

Oh Larsen B – British Sea Power

Remember Me – British Sea Power

Band website here. Buy BSP stuff here.

Photos by Siobhan; more here.


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  1. Great stuff and great pics from Siobhan again – is she now the official London Both Bars On photo-journalist? I think the cheque might be in the post for some time though….

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