This is where you start


Now this lot had fringes.

Loop are one of those bands that are curiously and, in my opinion, shamefully lost in accounts of British Indie and the like.  Very few online references exist to them. Too often labelled as shoegazing (always an insult round these parts), Loop managed to be experimental and rock at 11 at the same time. Their brand of droning fuzz interjected with psychedelic swirls of screaming guitars and narcotic samples may not have been ahead of its time (there were too many Krautrock influences for that), but certainly has stood the test of it.

There was period when I thought they were the coolest thing on the planet. Their appearance on Snub TV was nearly worn out on the video I had of it.  I wanted to play guitar like them so with a member of the other sixth form band we formed a local indie supergroup that found the middle of our angst-ridden Venn diagram in Loop’s noise. We only gigged once and I actually sang. One song in particular started with me on both guitar and vox. I was so nervous that I managed to change the whole rhythm so when then the drums kicked in it fell apart. Not that the half a dozen in the audience noticed. Loop almost killed me as well – I was crushed by a crowd against the glass doors of an Our Price in Reading waiting to see a pre-festival warm up gig. I guess they were my screwed up boy band.

They split up and became bands like Main and The Hair and Skin Trading Company or joined Godflesh. Musically I went another way and only recently have I traced their Indie family tree and returned to the blissed out pleasure that is Loop.

So go down Oxfam, buy a 60s-esque leather jacket, pull your fringe way down low and stand up against a wall with a oil-filled projector casting shapes over your miserable visage and enjoy…

Too real to feel

This is where you end

Arc-lite (sonar)

(Trying to purchase Loop is a difficult business these days but there are rumours of a re-issue of their back catalogue – only 3 albums or so -so watch this space…if you care that is)



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  1. you like Loop? then you’ll appreciate this recording of Loop doing Like Rats and Godflesh doing Straight To Your Heart…


    rarer than hen’s teeth

  2. cheers afterglow!

  3. Nice work abb. I can remember listening to Heaven’s End on headphones on the Peel Show in 1987 and thinking this was something pretty special. Bring on that re-issue

  4. no problem abb. I agree with your comment about them being overlooked although there are still a few diehard fans knocking about and they get name-checked every now and then on the message boards I frequent. Strangely popular with our American cousins – i think in part due to bands like dead meadow and other stoner rock (i hate that label) outfits quoting them as influences, along with Spacemen 3, telescopes etc

    Let me know if you’d like anything else – its all out of print these days so no guilts

  5. Derek Hatton's Tailor

    I treasure a white label release of arc-lite with rerubs on it. This still stands the test and yes, very few have heard of them. Next thing you know Erol Alkan will be banging them out. I discovered them watching Transmission in my youth. Indie till I die. Check my space for further ramblings.

  6. I’ve only really just found out about Loop, I have to say they sound pretty good to me; I’m obviously going to have to do some more investigating!

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