This is not a fire exit.



Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls, Night and Day Cafe.

The great fire of Manchester, 30th April 2007. A building on Dale Street in flames. Sparks set another off. Half of the Northern Quarter sealed off, the normally intricate one-way system made more so. The gig venue intact.

I’ll always remember this fire mainly because it will always be intimately associated with another spectacular event. For this was the night I discussed hair styles with Miles Hunt.

I tried not to be star-struck. I tried not to gush. But in the end I was a fan with a pounding heart and a slightly sweaty palm as I had Not an Exit signed and dedicated.

I was already on a high after having my prior low expectations of a gig shattered. New songs really did the business and old (solo) songs sounded reinvigorated, Stuffies’ classics were big fat lovely cherries on the cake (‘Room 512, All the News That’s Fit to Print’, particularly). (In)famous anecdotes were told and songs explained. Audience encouraged artist(s) through ‘Note to Self‘. Artists cheered audience no end.

Oh and I should keep the hair long is what I think he said.

Room 512, All the News That’s Fit to Print – The Wonder Stuff

Note to Self – Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls



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  1. Very nice. I hate meeting my heroes as I always say something stupid and/or insulting. How did you bring the hair up? “That’s enough about you, Miles – now what do think of my barnet?”

  2. I think he noticed how uncomfortable I was and used it as a way of making me at ease. He brought it up, something like ‘you’ve got that whole shaggy hair thing going on’, but I thought I’d ask his advice.

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