A stiff in the crypt?



He won’t like this I’m thinking. No, my co-contributor will not like this at all. The band in focus are too, well, goth for his liking. Plus they’ve been over-boiled in the blogosphere. Still, I can’t resist.

[The] Horrors’ Strange House properly jumped out at me on the first listen…jumped out of a darkened misty bat-filled alley-way, natch. I wasn’t really paying much attention you see. I was expecting to be disappointed with all the hype as usual. So I let them pass, but then I let them into my house. Silly boy. This lot have got something the current wave of nu-indie seems to lack. And what is that (singular) reader? Some bloody god old fashioned energy and bite.

They wear their influences nicely and obviously painted on their biker jackets – The Cramps  and The Birthday Party, shout loudest. But hold on a minute…is their some lurch in there? Is that…oh yes…yes it is…it’s Alien Sex Fiend! Such a roster would make most run shrieking from the woods. Others would say their obvious nodding make them nothing but derivatives. Possibly so, but if da kids listen to this lot and trace backwards, who cares? I’ve done that with most of what I’ve listened to and it never did me any harm (my lad)…well, maybe you should be the judge of that.

The do the all-out punky shouty thing well. They also do the goth-a-billy thing fantastically. But the track that really got me was the one below – proper Plan 9 / b-movie screech.

Gil Sleeping – Horrors

Oh and have some of this for good measure:

Release the Bats – The Birthday Party

Buy Strange House here



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Posted on April 30, 2007, in Album reviews. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Jesus Fucking Christ Oh God No

  2. Is that the end of a beautiful but brief blogging relationship then?

  3. Well it was actually the start of the Sea Power’s ‘Fear of Drowning’ but it seemed appropriate. Blimmin goths

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