The Arcade Fire: Avaunt, Norman Cook!


If – like me – your memory of the Clash’s ‘Guns of Brixton’ was forever sullied by Norman Blasted Cook sampling the bassline for one of his pre-Fat Boy efforts then this will take the taste away: the Arcade Fire covering it in their own spooky, atmospheric way, making it sound much more scary than it has to me in years…

They played this alive and unamplified at Brixton, coming back after the lid-lifting encore of ‘Wake Up’ and playing to a crowd uncertain whether to shush and listen or continue to shake and shriek like they had been all evening. Shame we didn’t do the former but this is Brixton, after all, and we do have a reputation for being hard-to-please to keep up. Thanks then to the Beeb’s Culture Show for persuading them to play it in the foyer and then recording it for posterity… Strangely though this seems to have crept on to the blogs before the programme was aired, tut!

Guns of Brixton – The Arcade Fire


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